11/30/2021 01:40:31 pm

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TMZ's 'Racist' Comment Upsets EXID Management Firm Yedang Entertainment

South Korean talent outfit Yedang Entertainment released their official response in behalf of EXID regarding the TMZ video which allegedly featured the show's staff making racist comments about member Junghwa's English skills.

American gossip website TMZ was slammed by netizens after releasing their video coverage of Korean girl group EXID's arrival at LAX which allegedly contained racist comments made by Harvey Levin's staff about member Junghwa's English speaking skills. 

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Jeon Seung Hwi, the CEO of Yedang Entertainment which manages EXID, has released an official response regarding the issue through Dispatch, a local media outlet.

Jeon stated that they have checked the video which he deemed "rude" and "racially discriminating." In his statement, the CEO said, "We′re quite upset and very angry that racially discriminating comments were made, especially when Junghwa was not even cursing and was just happy to see all of her fans."

He further explained that the management did not know that reporters were present at LAX when EXID arrived, adding that they did not expect that Junghwa's English abilities will become a subject of ridicule.

The CEO expressed that Yedang Entertainment plans to take legal action against TMZ after they notify the show about the company's reaction to the video.

The video, which became viral following its release, was revealed to have upset the members of the girl group EXID, particularly Junghwa.

In related news, other than the netizens who expressed their shock and anger against TMZ, some K-Pop stars also slammed the show.

F(x) member Amber Liu, who grew up in Los Angeles, California, took to Twitter to state her disappointment against TMZ. She wrote, "Seriously, @TMZ not cool man. All Americans face palm at your rude and childish actions."

2PM's Ok Taecyeon and Roy Kim, Korean stars who were raised in the U.S., also expressed their disappointment over the matter.

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