12/03/2021 05:30:41 pm

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Hannah Quinlivan’s New Blond Hairdo Worries Fans

Taiwanese Australian actress-model Hannah Quinlivan's fans express worry over her and the baby she is carrying after she posted a photo of herself sporting newly-dyed blond hair.

Recently, Hannah Quinlivan posted a photo of herself through her official Facebook page, proudly showing everyone her new blond hairdo. She captioned it "I have wanted to have bangs for a long time."

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Fans of the 21-year old praised her for her good looks and how her new do suits her with some calling her a real life Barbie doll. However, there were those who expressed alarm upon seeing Hannah Quinlivan's dyed hair, citing that it is not advisable for pregnant women to dye their hair since it is not safe for her and the baby.

One fan commented on the photo, telling Hannah Quinlivan to take care of the child she is carrying while others told her not to color her hair.

Other than her blond hair causing alarm among her fans, others also expressed nervousness and concern for Hannah Quinlivan who was spotted wearing high heels despite being pregnant.

After receiving numerous comments about her, Hannah Quinlivan, who is suspected to be on the fifth month of her gestation period, posted another message to explain the circumstances as well as to thank the fans for their concern.

Quinlivan stated that she and her hair stylist had an agreement to use hair products which are safe for pregnant women. Furthermore, she assured the public that it is safe since the stylist was careful enough not to get any of the hair products in contact with her scalp.

The model also explained that her hair color faded into a lighter shade because of being exposed to the sun while she was in California and that the lighting at the studio where she took her photo also made it look a lot lighter.

She then added, "I will protect my baby with all my heart."

Hannah Quinlivan then apologized for making her fans worry.

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