12/03/2021 06:12:56 pm

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Heidi Chan Plans C-Section On Husband’s Birthday To Beat Mandy Lieu

Heidi Chan is reportedly planning to go through a Caesarean section on her husband Alvin Chau's birthday to beat his mistress Mandy Lieu, who is also expecting Chau's child.

It seems that the feud between Heidi Chan and Hong Kong model Mandy Lieu is becoming more intense, with local tabloids releasing stories that the former is planning to have a C-section on Chau's birthday, May 30.

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This schedule is two weeks earlier than her expected due date. Heidi Chan allegedly did not want to lose against Mandy Lieu, who was revealed to be Mainland Chinese tycoon Chau's lover.

According to reports, Heidi Chan allegedly hired a geomancer to choose a good date for her child's birth and booked a hospital suite where the C-section will be carried out. This decision on Chan's part was allegedly not discussed with Chau.

"Alvin may celebrate [his birthday] with Mandy," the source said, adding that if the birth of his child will be on his birthday, he will tend to stay with Chan."

Additionally, the source stated that Heidi Chan allegedly aims to celebrate all of Chau's birthdays together with their third child.

In related news, following Heidi Chan's Facebook rants which were speculated to be aimed at Mandy Lieu, the latter also posted a message on her Instagram account which says, "You can't be me, darling, so don't even bother."

Mandy Lieu's post was speculated to be a response to Heidi Chan especially after Chau's son, Chau Pak, responded to her post, telling her to use social media for good causes instead of using it to mock anyone in his family.

However, Mandy Lieu responded that the post was meant for a fake account on Facebook which is pretending to be her to sell plus size maternity clothes, and not for Heidi Chan.

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