Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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Chinese Military Helicopters Aggressively Support Rescue Operations In Nepal, Evacuating 108 On Day 1

The second earthquake of 7.5 magnitude that struck Nepal on Tuesday has caused massive damage but Chinese Military Helicopters in the region are actively supporting the rescue missions

Just a few days ago, the beautiful country of Nepal experienced a massive earthquake that affected the life and routine of the common populace in a big way. But, even as the country was recovering from the big jolt, fresh tremors of 7.5 magnitude struck Nepal on Tuesday leading to a major loss of momentum in its pace of rescue and repair. Given this situation, Nepal requested China to intervene and support their rescue missions. On their part, the Chinese government allotted a fleet of helicopters with personnel to assist the Nepalese rescue operations.

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According to Xinhuanet, these three helicopters successfully rescued 108 people from different areas in Nepal in just one day's time. The fresh tremors experienced on Tuesday were quite massive and have so far claimed the lives of 65 people leaving 1900 people injured and currently under medical supervision. Additional reports on Bjreview indicate that these helicopters were already in Nepal and were responsible for transporting the relief and related supply to the rescue camps. However, after the second massive earthquake, when Nepal requested China's assistance, they re-allotted the duty of evacuating the affected people from various regions of Nepal.

Previously, the helicopters were helping in rescuing those stranded in the difficult to reach hilly areas. Eyewitness accounts gathered from many of the people who were rescued by the Chinese Helicopters, indicate that the earthquake was indeed massive and followed by landslides that blocked their path leaving them trapped for quite some time. People also said that the Chinese crew was extremely professional and acted fast to save their lives.

The fleet has been stationed in Nepal since May 6 and they are still continuing their mission. 

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