Updated 9:12 AM EST, Tue, Jan 05, 2021

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China UFO Sighting [VIDEO] Chinese Monks Spot Mysterious Flying Object On Surveillance Footage Of Monastery

Chinese Temple

(Photo : Getty Images/Kevin Frayer ) A mysterious unidentified flying object has made an appearance at a Chinese temple.

It could be an answered prayer when a glowing object hovered atop a Chinese temple this week. But it turns out even the Chinese monks were left stunned and confused by the peculiar unidentified flying object.

UFO Sightings Daily has learned that the UFO sighting took place in Baita Temple in China. What's really interesting about this occurrence is the fact that a similar appearance also took place in Israel back in Feb 2011.

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In the 2011 incident, the unidentified flying object—a ball of light—hovered over Dome of the Rock, which is considered the most sacred temple in the country.

On the other hand, a slightly different thing happened in the Chinese temple sighting. A glowing ball of light came down from the clouds at 11 p.m. and slowly changed into other forms.

It went from forming the shape of an apple to transforming into a flying saucer. The surveillance footage even shows that at one point the alien object took the form of a sitting Buddha.

For about 10 seconds, the UFO flew into the temple and at times it also disappeared from view. Then, after a couple of minutes, the flying alien could be seen rotating quickly before vanishing into thin air.

Monk Shi Xingkong commented on the UFO sighting saying: "When I heard the alarm, I got up to turn it off before going outside to check and didn't see anything unusual. It was only when I looked on the monitor that I could see the UFO."

The full video of the UFO sighting in China isn't available, but below is a clip obtained by UFO Sightings Daily from the Baita Temple staff.

This is not the first time a UFO sighting was spotted in China. In May, many people from Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia spotted unusual lighting from the skies, Daily Mail reports.

Many even shared snaps of what they saw that night of May 23. However, authorities slammed the UFO sighting claims saying that the mysterious light was due to a rocket launch.

Nevertheless, photography experts couldn't really confirm whether the peculiar light was indeed a smoke trail from the rocket.

There were also people who claimed that the unusual light was a dragon. But then again, no one managed to probe deeper into the unexplained sighting.

Meanwhile, it appears that China does not have a lot of UFO sightings compared to Illinois, which is reported to be the hotbed for alien activity.

Based on the report made by the National UFO Reporting Center, Illinois holds six out of 10 UFO sighting reports documented in the U.S., reports Chicagoist.

The data visualist, who mapped the 90,000 UFO sighting reports in the United States, says he isn't actually sure what makes Illinois the hotspot for extraterrestrial appearances.

He only said, "My initial thought was that it must have something to do with O'Hare Airport, the busiest airport in the U.S. through most of this period. Aside from Chicago, it does not appear there is much correlation between mass UFO sightings and big airports."

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