Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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Jay Chou and Ruby Lin, Now Safe After the Pipeline Explosion

Jay Chou and Ruby Lin luckily escaped the gas pipeline explosion in Kaoshiung on Sunday which killed at least 26 people and injured 269.

Few hours before the explosion, celebrity Jay Chou was spotted at a shopping mall in Kaohsiung with his fiancée Hannah Quinlivan.

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When the explosion happened many were worried about his safety and the rest of those who were in the city.

Jay had already released a statement reassuring the public that he is all well and that he has safely returned to his home in Taipei together with his fiancee Hannah.

He also added his prayers for his friends and for those who have lost their loved ones that they will recover soon after the painful passing of their family members.

Ruby Lin, Taiwanese actress and singer, was staying at a hotel near the location of the explosion since she was filming a project in the city.

According to Ruby, when the pipeline exploded, she initially thought of it as an earthquake until she read news about the explosion and how vast the devastation was.

"I heard the sounds of fire trucks all night. God save Kaohsiung," she said.

Chen Chu, Kaohsiung mayor, said that there were several petrochemical companies who had their pipelines built along the city's sewage system in the Chian-Chen district which has a lot of factories and residential building on it.

He added that they are requesting evacuation of people who are along the pipelines.

The explosion cut gas supplies of more than 23,600, power of more than 7,000 houses and more than 8,000 homes were without water according to the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Causes of the explosions are under investigation but initial results revealed that it was caused by a leak of propylene, a gaseous substance used in making plastics and fabrics.

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