11/30/2021 01:46:32 pm

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Google, Twitter Deal: Google, Twitter Collaboration To Ensure Tweets Are Visible On Desktops!

Google & Twitter Deal

(Photo : Reuters)
Just last week, Google has silently updated its search to reflect tweets even on the desktop. In May, early this year, Google had done something similar for its mobile search option. With this Google has finally agreed that Twitter’s content can be relevant to some kind of searches.

In the latest development to Google and Twitter's partnership, Google has updated its desktop search engine to reflect tweets. Twitter is expected to gain from this deal as it will get to amplify its reach to non-twitter users.   

Six months after Google and Twitter announced their partnership to the world, the former has decided to integrate Tweets in its Desktop search results, as per a report on Mashable. The report goes on to claim that this time the deal is expected to benefit Twitter.This is important because even though Twitter may have had its fair share of growth, in the last few years the brand's performance has been dismal. Through its partnership with Google, Twitter will be able to extend its reach especially amongst the non tweeting members of the society, as specified in the report. This in turn will provide the momentum for growth. A related report on Mashable explains that with more non-tweeting members seeing twitter feeds on their desktop search results, they are likely to be tempted to set up their account on the social media portal.

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Another report on NY City clarifies that none of the parties involved have disclosed the financial details of the deal. Also, the report adds that the deal was announced by the two on Twitter and no formal announcement has been made so far. Apparently, this is not the first time that Twitter is tying up with a search engine in an effort to amplify its reach. Previously too, it has undertaken similar endeavours with Bing as well. In the past when Twitter had its partnership with Bing, the end was abrupt because the former wanted more control over the user content going out.

The report also goes on to explain that Twitter stock is facing tough times as the company has not been able to generate revenues in accordance to customer expectations in the last few months. Even though the user base grows, the pace is much slower. Google's Adran Arac, quoted in the report confirmed the development saying that the facility has been extended all over the world in English.

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