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What To Expect From The Wonders Of Tokyo Game Show 2015

New game details for "Tekken 7" are announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2015

(Photo : Official Tekken 7 website ) New game details for "Tekken 7" are announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2015


Tokyo Game Show this year will be from Sept. 17-20. IGN, formerly called Imagine Games Network, will be covering all the latest in Japanese gaming the entire time. With gaming companies Sony, Altus, Square Enix, Capcom, and more in attendance, here is what we expect to see, hope to play and enjoy, and want to learn more about from Tokyo Game Show 2015.

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Persona 5 is an Atlus' flagship role-playing game sequel is set to release this year. This is a Japanese-centric show and is one of the most renowned Japanese role-playing games.

Dark Souls 3 makes an epic return to the bleakness of the first game. This had a recent Gamescom trailer and demo last July. This has an imposing world and terrifying things that inhabit it. This has a rumored bonfire-creating mechanic that gamers will have to learn how it works.

The Last Guardian's big coming-out party at E3 reassured the long-awaited adventure game's existence. At Tokyo Game Show, gamers will be able to learn what the gameplay, exploration, and character relationships are. Wired reported the the spectacular new-debut demo presented a beautiful, tragic world of the monstrous main character Trico and the two heroes that found themselves in a certain sticky situation.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's competitive multiplayer is now ready and is a much-improved version of Metal Gear Online. This has our Mother Base supplies, gear, unlocks, and more function to be learned.

Kingdom of Hearts 3 just had a big and fun showing at the D23 Expo where the Big Hero 6 world was revealed. Final Fantasy XV is likely to be the Square Enix's darling star for the foreseeable future. Its release date will be announced in 2016. There will be a new demo, story details, some character reveals, or a look at the open world.

Sony's PlayStation press conference was on Sept. 15 at 12:00 A.M. Pacific or 3:00 A.M. Eastern. This conference showcases huge Japanese franchises, portable games, and the biggest and best from Sony's Studio Japan.



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