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'Run for Love', Starring Zhang Ziyi to be Screened on Feb. 14th

Zhang Ziyi

(Photo : Getty Images / Jacopo Raule / Stringer) Run for Love starring Zhang Ziyi will be released in China on Valentine's Day.

A release date has been announced for one of China's most anticipated movies. 'Run for Love' will be screened on Valentine's day, February 14th.

The film is directed by Zhang Yibai, Guan Hu, Zhang Meng, Teng Huatao and Gao Qunshu. It had been a mystery as to why a film needed five directors, but it has been revealed that the film will feature five different love stories that are set in Japan, The United States, Norway, Turkey and Saipan.

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The stories are inspired by each director's interpretation of how to pursue love. The film has big stars attached to it including Chinese superstar 36-year old Zhang Ziyi, who recently got engaged to her rocker boyfriend Wang Feng.

Actress Michelle Chen, describes her role in the film as "A woman who is seeking love during the end of the world and finally discovers it at an unnoticeable corner."

Director Guan Hu's wife Liang Jing, who stars as the lead actress in the part of the film that he directed, explained her role in the film during a press conference saying, "My role in the film is that I act as a woman who gradually loses her way during her marriage, throughout the production and filming I realized that if one only focuses on his or her needs and forgets that his or her partner has needs too then you will slowly suffer a loss of love. In fact, only when you sacrifice is when you will discover that love is actually often with you." 

The film will be released nationwide in China on Valentine's day, February 14th.

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