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Chinese Company Oppo Sold 50 Million Smartphones in 2015

Chinese Company Oppo Claimed to Sold 50 Million Smartphones In 2015

(Photo : YouTube) Oppo has announced that it sold 50 million smartphones in 2015.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has announced that it sold 50 million smartphones in the year 2015, representing a growth rate of 67 per cent, year over year.

The basis of this report is from TrenForce statistics, which place the Chinese company in eighth place. Based on the information, Oppo has a 3.8 per cent global share compared to 5.3 per cent for LG; 5.4 per cent for Lenovo; 5.6 per cent for Xiaomi; and 8.4 per cent for Huawei. Meanwhile, Samsung and Apple remain the top two global smartphone players in the market as of today.

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Similarly, earlier this month, Chinese smarphone manufacturer Xiaomi announced that it sold more than 70 million handheld devices in 2015. The figure fell a little short of its own sales goal of 80 million.

According to Canalys, Huawei overtook Xiaomi to grab the top seller spot for the region in Q3. Huawei announced that it saw an 81 percent surge in sales, year-on-year. In December last year, Huawei announced that it had sold more than 100 million smartphones sold in 2015, setting a new record for the company that ranks as the third largest smartphone maker globally.

Oppo devices are based around its own skinned version of Android Lollipop, called ColorOS. Last year, Oppo released a range of new models such as the metal-cased R7 series (which the company claimed accounted for around 15 million of its 2015 sales), the Neo 7, and the quirky looking Mirror 5.

The company is reported to be targeting Indian market this year, aiming for an increase sales of 300 per cent.

On other hand, South Korea's LG also announced on Wednesday that its total smartphone sales reached under 60 million units (59.7M) in 2015 - a marginal rise on the 59.1M it shipped in 2014.

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