11/30/2021 12:44:32 pm

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Kim Jong-un Praises Scientists Following Recent Rocket Launch, Calls for More

South Korea Reacts To North Korea's Rocket Launch

(Photo : Getty Images) North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has urged Pyongyang's scientists to launch more rockets following the Feb. 7 successful satellite takeoff.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Monday commended the scientists involved in Pyongyang's recent rocket launch that showed the enemies a "telling blow." He ordered the scientists to proceed with developing more rockets to be launched.

Despite repeated international warnings, North Korea still launched a satellite earlier this month. The country claims that it had an Earth observation satellite aboard a rocket, however, observers believe otherwise. Washington and Seoul believe that the launch was a test for prohibited missile technology. Other countries are urging the United Nations to impose stringent sanctions against Pyongyang.

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According to North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency, the ruling Workers' Party held a banquet in honor of the scientists, officials and others who contributed to the rocket launch on Feb. 7. Kim and his deputies were present during the occasion.

In his speech, Kim said that the launch has given his people the confidence and courage to deal with enemies that are trying to hinder the country from advancing. Kim said that the launch has shown Pyongyang's enemies - an apparent reference to Washington and Seoul - a significant message.

North Korea's satellite launch has aggravated the strain between the two Koreas even more. Just last week, Pyongyang expelled all South Korean workers from a factory park in the North. This came as a response to Seoul's decision to suspend operations there.

Meanwhile, Seoul accused Pyongyang on Sunday of channelling 70 percent of the money it accrued from workers at the Kaesong Park into making weapons and buying luxury items for the nation's small group of elites.

North Korea has previously denied the allegations.

The jointly run park was the last major cooperation project by both Koreas. It employed around 54,000 North Koreans, who worked for more than 120 South Korean companies. Although the Kaesong closure may affect North Korea, it is not an essential part of the nation's economy as a majority of the country's earnings come from trade with China.

The relationship between China and South Korea has also been affected by Pyongyang's recent rocket launch as the latter gets frustrated over Beijing's lukewarm stance towards North Korea's provocations.

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