Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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First Chinese International Film Festival to Debut in Canada

Canada- China International Film Festival Kicks Off On September 16-19

(Photo : Getty Images) The Canada-China International Film Festival is scheduled for September 16-19.

The first Chinese film festival will be held this coming September in Montreal, Canada. This event will serve to build rapport among film makers in the two countries, for the common goal of tapping the budding movie market of China, according to the organizing committee.

According to Chinese state media, the Canada-China International Film Festival, a three day event scheduled on September 16-19, bears the objective of giving a platform for film makers from Canada and China. This event will also provide the opportunity for the two countries to work hand-in-hand and innovate as one entity.

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China's budding film industry is a lucrative one, with total revenue of 44 billion RMB ($6.8 billion) in 2015. China has collaborated with other global film makers and entrepreneurs who want a portion of the movie market.

Song Miao, the Executive Director of Canada-China Film Festival Organizing Committee, said that Chinese film producers upgraded their education in using more advanced technologies to improve their movies.

Song added that if Chinese films are made with the Canadian entertainment technology, this will be a start of more better filming productions. The upcoming festival will aim to answer these speculations.

Innovative technologies include: augmented reality interactive experience and the illimitable space system, a type of computer graphics system that requires multimode interaction.

Other attractions of the Canada-China International Film Festival are the feminine themes in the films. The committee will invite a representative to serve as a speaker for a conference called 'Women's Voice in Film and Television.'

Song expressed her interest on female-oriented themes in movies that will bring more positivity and emphasize on the negative stereotypes of women.

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