Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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India Asks China to Stop Construction Activities in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir

India and China's Diplomatic Raw.

(Photo : Getty Images) India has formally asked China to stop all construction activities in Pakistani Kashmir.

Amid the growing diplomatic row over the 'Masood Azhar issue,' India has now requested that China halts all construction activities in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir (POK).      

"The government has conveyed its concerns to China...and asked them to cease such activities," said Colonel SD Goswami, India's defence ministry spokesman.           

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The statement comes following several media reports that India's military has spotted Chinese troops in POK. India claims that the Chinese troops are in POK to supervise various construction activities being undertaken by Chinese companies.

Islamabad has awarded several lucrative construction projects including the 46-billion dollar China-Pakistan economic corridor to Chinese multinational companies. Most of these construction projects pass through POK, which India is an integral part of its territory.

New Delhi claims that the construction activities in Pakistani Kashmir not only infringes on its sovereignty but also creates serious security concerns.

China has not responded to New Delhi's latest demand. However, Experts claim that despite Indian reservation, Beijing is unlikely to halt any construction projects in the Pakistani side of Kashmir.

Experts argue that the economic and diplomatic importance hinging on these projects is too high for Beijing, and therefore it would not backtrack from these projects.  

Meanwhile, New Delhi this week imposed an import ban on Chinese milk products and certain Chinese smartphones. The decision is believed to be India's response to China's snub over the Masood Azhar issue at the United Nations (UN) last month.

Last week, India issued a visa to China's secessionist leader Dolkun Isa, but later revoked it following a strong protest from Beijing.

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