12/03/2021 06:40:18 pm

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Shanghai Disneyland to Boost Growth of Other Business Sectors

Shanghai Disneyland opens more growth opportunities to other business industries.

(Photo : Getty Images) Shanghai Disneyland is expected to open more growth opportunities to other business industries in the city.

With Shanghai Disneyland's opening day drawing closer, an analyst has noted that the new theme park will not only positively affect the city's real estate and transportation industries, but also retail, catering, and hospitality businesses.

According to Jiang Yiyi, an analyst from the Chinese Tourism Academy, Shanghai's total tourism revenue amounted 4 trillion yuan ($616 billion) in 2015. Of which, 230 billion yuan ($35 billion) came from theme parks.

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Meanwhile,, an online tourism agency, has predicted that Shanghai Disneyland will have approximately 16 million guests per year and could accumulate up to 50 billion yuan ($7 billion) from them.

The agency revealed that it has already come up with 100 different promos and packages for the new entertainment destination. Yan Xin, the company's public affairs senior manager, revealed that Ctrip is expecting to double its growth rate, thanks to Disneyland Shanghai's highly marketed opening.

Aside from Ctrip, other industries including aviation are also expected to see rapid growth. Just last month, China Eastern Airlines Corporation Ltd. debuted Shanghai Disney-themed planes, which were embellished with designs and characters from the $5.5 billion resort.

"We know there is excitement throughout China for the upcoming opening and we are excited that China Eastern will be helping fly visitors into the region to visit the new vacation destination," Liu Shaoyong, the airline's chairman, said.

Late last month, the Shanghai Shentong Metro Group also opened a new Disney-themed subway station to cater to Chinese Metro commuters going to the magical kingdom of Disney. The train station is located at the far end of Line 11 and spans a massive 40,000 square meter, which is four to five times bigger than a standard station.

Aside from opening its magical doors to both local and foreign guests, Shanghai Disneyland also created 10,000 new jobs in China, with "no limitations on experience or background" as long as the potential employees have a "friendly, open quality" that would fit into the company's culture.

Shanghai Disneyland is a collaboration between The Walt Disney Company, which holds 43 percent of the shares, and Shanghai Shendi Group, with 57 percent.

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