Updated 9:12 AM EST, Tue, Jan 05, 2021

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Airfares to Shanghai may Shoot up Once Shanghai Disney Resort Becomes Operational

Shanghai’s Disney Resort.

(Photo : Getty Images.) A leading Chinese newspaper says that airfares to Shanghai city are likely to rise after Shanghai’s Disney Resort becomes operational.

Scores of negative reviews about trial operation of Shanghai's Disney Resort has not dampened passion among people for the iconic theme park. According to newspaper Beijing News, major airlines are scheduled to increase flights to Shanghai to handle the expected surge in tourists after the Disney Resort officially opens up later this year.

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The newspaper estimates that after the official inauguration of Shanghai Disney Resort, the number of air travelers to Shanghai will increase by roughly three million. The surge in tourists is expected to push up the air fares to Shanghai.     

For instance, the price of a one-way ticket from Beijing to Shanghai is roughly 490 Yuan ($75) (this is inclusive of discount of around 60 percent). However, this modest price is expected to rise more than 620 Yuan once Disney Resort opens its doors on July 17.

The number of flights at Shanghai Pudong Airport, the nearest airport to Disney Resort, is expected to increase from 1,370 to 1,410 per day after Disney Resort becomes operational. Industry experts are predicting a huge surge in tourist numbers after mid-July when the summer vacation officially starts in China.

Wanda Group, which runs theme parks across China, is apparently not bothered about the prospect of increasing competition from Shanghai's Disney Resort. The group's chairman Dalian Wanda said in a Chinese television program that Disney would no achieve profitability in next two decades in the Chinese market.

Wanda said that Disney will have to try highly innovative strategies to succeed in China as people are no longer crazy about Mickey Mouse.

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