11/30/2021 12:20:36 pm

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China to Construct Sudan’s First Nuclear Power Plant

China and Sudan.

(Photo : Getty Images) China has signed an important deal to construct a nuclear power plant in Sudan.

China on Monday signed a framework agreement with the Sudanese government to construct a nuclear reactor plant in the African country, Chinese state media Xinhua reported. The agreement will pave a way for the first nuclear reactor plant in Sudan.     

The agreement is the outcome of the China-Sudan Joint Energy Cooperation Commission held in Sudanese capital city of Khartoum. China's state-owned nuclear company China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) would be constructing the nuclear plant.          

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It is unclear what kind of reactor the CNNC would be building in Sudan. There are speculations that it might be a Hualong 1 reactor that is currently being promoted by China in oversees market.  

The agreement will prove immensely beneficial for Sudan as it will allow the African nation to meet its growing energy demand. As per the presentation given to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Sudanese government wants to build its first nuclear plant in 2021 and initiate commercial operations by 2027.          

The accord is also a step forward for China to increase its nuclear technology footprint across the world. China is nurturing an ambitious aim to become a globally dominant player in the international nuclear market. To fulfill this aim, the CNNC is planning to build reactors in several countries including Argentina, Pakistan, and Kenya.

Some Chinese analysts claim that this nuclear agreement will equally help China in achieving its 'One Belt, One Road' ambition to export high-end technology including nuclear power technology to several African and European countries.

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