Updated 9:12 AM EST, Tue, Jan 05, 2021

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Surface Pro 5 Updates: Microsoft Surface Pro 5 September Release Highly Unlikely

Speculation indicates that Surface Pro 5 may be priced between $799 and $1,799.

(Photo : Andrew Burton/Getty Images) Speculation indicates that Surface Pro 5 may be priced between $799 and $1,799.

Shortly after the release of Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, many were left wondering whether the American technology company will be releasing an upgraded iteration of the Surface Pro 2-in-1 laptop this year but based on recent reports, it looks highly unlikely that the Surface Pro 5 will hit shelves this year.

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There was speculation that Surface Pro 4's successor will be released in September; however, contradicting reports suggest that the production has been delayed.

It is being reported that since Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro device is expected to be packed with Intel's next-gen Kaby Lake processors, the release date of Surface Pro 5 has been pushed back to a later date, as the mass production of Kaby Lake does not start until the later part of 2016.

To back these rumors about the Surface Pro 5's delayed release date, unnamed sources from China stated that the upcoming 2-in-1 device will hit store shelves by Spring 2017, Tech Times reported

Even though Microsoft has not maintained a strict launch schedule for any of its Surface Pro devices, fans will just have to wait for an official confirmation from the company about whether they will stick to a September release or delay the launch of the Surface Pro 5.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that the next Surface Pro device will be packed with top-of-the-line specs and features.

It is said that apart from sporting the Kaby Lake processor, Surface Pro 5 will be equipped with a 4K UHD display, an improved Surface pen, a USB Type-C port, a larger battery capacity and 16GB RAM for an efficient and faster multi-tasking. Surface Pro 5 is also rumored to come equipped with either the Nvidia Pascal or the AMD Polaris GPU Graphics card.

In terms of the Surface Pro 5's price, speculation indicates that it may be priced anywhere between $799 and $1,799.

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