12/03/2021 04:47:03 pm

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Business Class Subway Cabins Launched in Shenzhen; Citizens not Happy

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(Photo : Photo by China Photos/Getty Images) Passengers line up to board a train at the Dalian Railway Station in Dalian of Liaoning Province, China.

The Shenzhen Metro Station recently launched a newly operational Line 11 (also called the Airport Express) with business class cabins available daily for commuters.

Some carriages in the train are said to have been transformed into high-end cabins. These fancy subway abodes cost three times more than the ordinary carriages, which, according to Shanghaiist, turns a lot of Chinese travelers off.

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A majority of the travelers who utilize the subway daily in China have said that it is absurd to pay thrice the normal price for a ride to Shenzhen. This results in more jam-packed economy cabins, giving passengers a harder time getting to their desired destination.

A few passengers, who can afford it, opt to enjoy the comfort of the business class area with all its spacious and roomy cabins. The leather and velvet sheets-covered seats in the business class seem like an airplane, allowing passengers to sit and move around comfortably. The executive carriages also contain multiple televisions and even boasts of wall-to-wall carpeting.

The striking difference between the cabins, however, has incited public complaints. Many Chinese travelers have protested against the division as it seems to discriminate them based on their social status of citizens. Apart from this, critics have also noted that it is such a huge inconvenience for commuters to stay in a congested economy cabin when the business cabins are mostly empty during the weekdays.

In response to the growing complaints from the public, Shenzhen Metro authorities have announced via Weibo that they would soon increase the travel frequency of Line 11 so it can accommodate more commuters.  

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