11/30/2021 12:55:38 pm

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Taiwanese Parody Ad Celebrates Decreasing Number of Mainland Tourists to the Island

Taiwanese Parody Ad Celebrates Decreasing Number of Mainland Tourists on the Island

(Photo : Facebook) A parody Taiwanese ad is celebrating the declining number of Chinese tourists.

Some Taiwanese locals have launched a parody advertisement campaign to celebrate the absence of Chinese tourists on the island.

According to Shanghaiist, Taiwan was taken out of China's most favorite travel destinations recently, and some Taiwanese people seem to be alright with the idea.

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The ads feature local scenery, but instead of the usual tourism photographs that boast of Taiwan's wonderful destinations with slogans that say "All these await you!," the words read "Welcome to Taiwan, without Chinese!"

Not surprising to many Taiwanese, the ads have incited the anger of many Chinese citizens. Even the local tourism division did not seem too happy with the parody ads. 

A statement released by Taiwan's Tourism Bureau said that "People who discriminate against mainland Chinese tourists lack tolerance for diversity." The bureau stated that the ads should not stop Chinese people from visiting the island.

The General Chamber of Commerce of Taiwan has admitted that true to the news circulating online, the rate of mainland tourists visiting Taiwan has fallen by 20 percent since June 2015. Chinese tourists contributed $7.1 billion USD to Taiwan's economy last year.

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