Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Meizu Smartwatch: Mysterious Wearable Device to be Launched in September?


(Photo : Getty Images) Is Meizu planning to release a smartwatch?

Last year, a mysterious Meizu smartwatch appeared on Weibo, prompting rumors that it will be launched in October 2015. However, that did not happen.

Meizu posted another sketch of the device on Weibo on Tuesday. Now, rumors have it that a Meizu smartwatch is on the way. It is expected to come with a traditional watch design to keep it simple. The images posted by Meizu shows sketches of various smartwatches with round designs and different watch strap and faces.

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According to What Mobile, the upcoming Meizu smartwatch could come in leather with a metal chain link. Other sketches of the device look like the Pebble Time. Another possible variant looks like a premium sports watch with a large dial and waterproof capabilities. The strap also appears to be removable. The words "run hours" in the upper right corner of the image hints that the wearable may include fitness features.

Meizu has not issued any official announcements about the smartwatch yet. The images released on Weibo could be a suggestive teaser before the launch of this new product. If Meizu indeed releases the smartwatch, it could be a low-cost version of the Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear S3 wearables which would be out in September.

It is still unclear whether Meizu will launch a smartwatch and if it will even be available outside China.

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