11/30/2021 01:31:07 pm

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China Police Uses Condoms as Evidence; Sex Workers No Choice but Not to Use Them

Condom Exhibition In Shanghai

(Photo : Photo by China Photos/Getty Images) Chinese people view condoms at a condom exhibition in Shanghai, China.

A study conducted by Asia Catalyst in China's three main municipalities has revealed that some sex workers in China do not use condoms.

According to the respondents of the survey, including a total of 74 female, male, and transexual sex workers, and 18 informants, the reason why they do not use condoms is that the contraceptive rubbers are used as evidence against them by the police when they are caught.

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Two-thirds of the respondents said that there was a lesser possibility for them to use condoms during sexual intercourse. This, according to Shanghaiist, is an aftermath of the interrogations conducted by Chinese police officers who use condoms as evidence against the sex workers. The police have confirmed that, indeed, the possession of condoms alone is enough to warrant an arrest.

Despite a strict mandate that requires entertainment centers to provide condoms to curb the spread of HIV in the country, sex workers shun condoms because they fear having the material in their possession during police raids will land them up in jail. One club manager admitted to putting condoms out during government inspections, yet putting them away during police inspections.

This ambivalence is feared to be one of the reasons for the rampant increase of sexually transmitted diseases in China. Asia Catalyst Executive Director Karyb Kaplan noted that "Not only is this increasing HIV vulnerability, but it is making a mockery of parallel condom distribution efforts among this highly marginalized group."

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