11/30/2021 01:04:32 pm

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Miss Michigan 2016 is Chinese-American; Netizens do not Think She is Pretty

Miss Michigan 2016 Arianna Quan

(Photo : YouTube) Miss Michigan 2016 Arianna Quan.

Twenty-three years old model Arianna Quan was crowned Miss Michigan during a recent beauty pageant competition in the state in preparation for the upcoming Miss America Pageant in September which will determine the USA's representatives to international contests such as the Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International.

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Quan is a Beijing native who moved to the US at the age of six. She received her American citizenship at the age of 14. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin. She was the only Chinese-American candidate in the beauty contest that she won.

According to Shanghaiist, beauty pageant contestants are not judged by their physical appearance alone but also by their talent, wit, adaptability, and performances. Quan's classical piano piece during the talent show section of the competition seems to have won the hearts of the judges.

Some fans admitted that Quan is witty and intelligent as she was able to smartly answer the questions thrown at her. During one of her interviews, she said "We are so diverse and it's so important for all of us to embrace that. That's why my platform is what it is and hopefully going to Miss America in this election year I can raise awareness about what it means to be an American."

Despite the wit displayed by Quan, some netizens have bashed her. Critics have said that she is not pretty and that she does not seem like Chinese at all.

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