12/03/2021 05:38:47 pm

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Edison Chen and Lin Chi-ling Exchange Hate Posts Online

17th Shanghai International Film Festival - Red Carpet & Opening Ceremony

(Photo : Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images) Actress Lin Chi-ling arrives for the red carpet of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival at Shanghai Grand Theatre on June 14, 2014 in Shanghai, China.

Hong Kong-based actor Edison Chen and Taiwan-based artist Lin Chi-ling have exchanged sizzling tirades online to the surprise of the public.

The war of words started after Chen posted a series of messages attacking the professionalism, smell, and even the appearance of Chi-ling. The language and choice of words Chen used were "obscene," according to the Shanghaiist. 

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His first post stated that the "bitch is so ugly" and that "she smells like shit." He further mentioned that Chi-ling knew what was coming for her and that it was all a result of his anger about something she did.

Chen deleted his posts afterward, but the public did not stop asking him why he said the mean words about Chi-ling. The actor replied, "Why did I insult her? She knows. I warned her. In the end, all truths reveal themselves."

Chi-ling later responded to the message through her manager saying that she does not have the slightest idea why Chen would attack her like that when she does not know the actor personally. They have not also worked together on a project. The actress, however, is taking things in a positive manner. She even posted Buddha-like scriptures on her Weibo account that talk about mercy, wisdom, and forgiveness.

Chen is set to hold a press conference on Sunday, but he has clarified that it is not to discuss the argument with Chi-ling. Although no reason was mentioned for the conference, speculations have surfaced that it could be about Chen's current partner, Shu Pei Qin, a married Chinese model. 

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