Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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Rio Olympics: China Defeats South Africa 2-0 in Women’s Soccer Competition

China Defeats South Africa.

(Photo : Getty Images.) China's women team defeated South Africa 2-0 in their second group match at the Rio Olympics.

China defeated South Africa 2-0 in a women's Olympic soccer game on Saturday to keep up their knock-out stage dreams alive, Xinhua reported. After losing their opening matches, both teams were in a must-win situation on Saturday.     

The first half was filled with enthralling moments, with both teams squandering several chances to break the deadlock. South Africa came close to scoring the first goal as early as in the first minute, but the African team was denied by Chinese goalkeeper Zhao Lina's brilliant save.  

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China finally broke the deadlock at the nick of half time, after Yasha Gu's shot sailed into South Africa's net. In the second half, South African players started the game aggressively in a bid to grab the equalizer, but China was quick to regain the control.

Chinese players failed to capitalize on few very good chances to double their lead midway in the second half, as South African goalkeeper Barker came up with very good saves to keep her team in the game. However, in the 87th minute, China's Ruyin Tan scored a winning goal with a stunning strike from just inside the midfield.  

Tan's goal put the result beyond doubt, with the fulltime score ending 2-0 in China's favor. China  would face Sweden in the final group stage on Tuesday.

China had lost their opening match against Brazil on the first day.

South Africa, on the other hand, remains at zero points and will take on host Brazil in their last group stage match.

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