12/03/2021 06:39:07 pm

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Sudden Closing of Some Shanghai Disneyland Rides Angers Visitors

Fireworks And Light Show Rehearsal In Shanghai Disneyland

(Photo : Getty Images) Fireworks light up the Enchanted Storybook Castle as a shining symbol of Shanghai Disneyland in Shanghai, China.

Five Shanghai Disneyland rides including crowd favorites Roaring Rapids and Pirates of the Caribbean have been closed for operations since Thursday, July 11, due to maintenance concerns. The disruption was announced via loudspeakers throughout the theme park. The move reportedly left some visitors angry; as many waited in long lines for many hours just to get a feel of the rides.

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This is not the first time that the newly-opened theme park has been caught in a controversy. Since its pilot opening in June, the Shanghai Disneyland theme park has made the news because of its trashed grounds, the bad behaviors of guests, and ticket scams.

There are speculations that the Shanghai Disneyland rides were closed because of something more serious that is being covered up with a maintenance dispute.

Shanghai Disneyland has issued visitor park passes with a validity of one year to all customers who complained about the closed rides. Refunds, however, is not an option for Disney despite the then growing number of angered guests.

The Shanghai Disneyland management team explained that it is necessary to shut down some rides occasionally for maintenance and that it is not possible to inform everyone about this in advance.

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