12/03/2021 06:24:44 pm

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New Iranian Propaganda Video Shows Tsunami from Allah Sinking US Navy Fleet

Down with the Great Satan

(Photo : Islamic Republic of Iran) Propaganda poster for the music video, We resist to last drop of blood.

A recently released government propaganda music video depicts a massive tidal wave in the Persian Gulf apparently created by Allah sinking the entire United States Fifth Fleet at the behest of outraged and patriotic Iranians.

At the core of the video, which is being praised for its intense patriotism and panned for its expensive cost and shoddy visuals, is the tragedy of the U.S. Navy's shoot down of Iran Air flight 655 on July 3, 1988 killing all 290 persons on board, including 66 children.

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That civilian airliner was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile fired from the guided missile cruiser, the USS Vincennes. The U.S. Navy said the Vincennes, which was previously in action against Iranian Navy speedboats, mistook the Iranian Air passenger plane as an attacking Iranian fighter jet. The Vincennes was scrapped in 2011.

The Iranian government has since insisted the U.S. intentionally shot down the plane to frighten Iran. One U.S. Navy officer was quoted as saying the destruction of flight 655 was due to the over aggressiveness of the Vincennes' commanding officer, Captain Will Rogers III.

The new seven minute-long anti-U.S. video entitled "We Resist to Last Drop of Blood" is said to have cost a hefty $385,000 (12 billion rials) and was performed by an unknown singer named Hossein.

It was produced by the government Art Bureau's Soureh Film Club.  The owner of Soureh Film is the Islamic Propagation Organization whose chief is directly appointed by Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

Despite its production flaws, the video received the green light for broadcasting on media and social media because of its government backing.

The video begins at a seaside Iranian town where ordinary Iranians are peacefully going about their daily business. A group of boys play football along the beach.

A white plane flying overhead is suddenly destroyed by a missile. The missile's smoke trail leads to an American warship, whose fleet then bombards the town with guns and missiles, killing many Iranians. American F-18 fighter jets bomb and strafe the hapless civilians.

In the chaos, Hossein retrieves a falling Iranian flag and with a group of men, each brandishing an Iranian flag, charge towards the beach. They shout defiance at the attacking Americans as bombs explode around them. And from out of nowhere, a gigantic tidal wave emanates from the shore.

The tsunami from Allah inundates the U.S. warships, sinking all of them. One of the sinking warships has the word Vincennes written on its stern. A burning American flag floats on the water.

The music video's lyrics proclaim:

"If I'm patient, it doesn't mean I'm apathetic / the world has seen I'm always a fighter / ... Oh warship, your loud roar does not scare me ... / If you dare come near me, I will break your legs".

The video on YouTube can be viewed here.

The United States Fifth Fleet led by the Nimitz-class carrier the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) currently patrols the Persian Gulf. F/A-18 attack aircraft from the carrier are carrying out almost daily attacks against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 

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