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Zhang Guoli: No Chance for Chinese Directors to Film a Chinese “House of Cards”

Recently, the second season of the American television drama series "House of Cards" has finished its set of 13 episodes. Netflix released the whole season's episodes on its website on February 14th, 2014.


Woman Stabbed to Death in a BWM Car in Guilin

Guilin police are appealing to the public for clues that will lead to the arrest of a suspect that killed a woman inside her car on Tuesday night before fleeing on board a stolen motorcycle.


First Lady Michelle Obama to Visit China in March

First Lady Michelle Obama will visit China later this month with daughters, Malia and Sasha, and her mother, Maria Robinson, on a trip that focuses on the importance of education.


Lin Chi Ling Entreats Film Director Chen Kaige’s Work of Calligraphy

The opening ceremony of Chinese director Chen Kaige's new film, "Taoist Mountain" was kicked off in Hebei Province some days ago. Director Chen Kaige, film producer Chen Hong, actors Wang Baoqiang, Fanwei, Vanness Wu and lead actress Lin Chi Ling showed up at the opening ceremony.


Kunming Attack: At Least Two of the Attackers Are Women

The group of knife-wielding "terrorists" that stormed the Kunming train station on Saturday night included two women, based on accounts of police and witnesses at the crime scene.


1,600 Paper Giant Pandas On Display in Taiwan

An estimated 250-thousand visitors graced the first day of an outdoor exhibit of paper-maché pandas that kicked off in Taipei Friday. The traveling paper pandas were created by French papier-maché artist Paulo Grangeon to raise public awareness on the plight of the endangered species.


Ackman to Provide Proof of Herbalife’s Pyramid Scheme

American billionaire hedge fund manager William Ackman says he will soon release the result of investigations proving his accusation that Herbalife is running a pyramid scheme in China.


Kim Soo Hyun to Join Chinese TV Hit Show “Super Brain”

Famous Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun will soon grace Chinese television screens when he makes a special guest appearance in the hit reality show "Super Brain."


Huawei Launches the World’s Smallest Atom Router

Feb 26th, Huawei launched the world’s smallest router-Atom Router at today’s Mobile World Congress 2014. The finger-sized router supports IP network operation and maintenance. Moreover, Atom Router provides real-time measurement of per-user and per-service performance, and other value-added Internet services.


Annie Yi to New Boyfriend: I am All Yours

Recently, Annie Yi, a famous Taiwanese celebrity admitted that she is in a relationship with Chinese actor Qin Hao, who is ten years her junior. Paparazzi reports say Annie Li and Qin Hao have actually been living together.


Total amount of Alibaba’s Yuebao Fund Exceeds US$65 Billion

From zero to US$41 billion, it took Yuebao 200 days to set up such a great scale fund. While from US$41 billion to US$65 billion, Yuebao only took about a month to accomplish the goal.


Tencent Makes Strategic Investment in Dazhong Dianping

Feb. 19th, Tencent announces that it will invest in Chinese top restaurant review website Dazhong Dianping. After the strategic investment, Tencent will acquire approximately 20% of Dazhong Dianping’s shares. Meanwhile, Dazhong Dianping will continue to operate independently after closing this deal with Tencent.

Chairman mao's painting

Original Manuscript of Chairman Mao on Show

Original Manuscript of Chairman Mao on Show


Huawei Promises to Continue Manufacturing Windows Phone Devices

Huawei Promises to Continue Manufacturing Windows Phone Devices


Famous Mountains of China: Huangshan Where Heaven is Real

Famous Mountains of China: Huangshan Where Heaven is Real

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