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Nyrene Grace Patricia Paranga


NASA to Test Twin Paradox Effect on Astronaut Twins

Scott will age slightly slower than his twin during his stay

Kakao Corp

Daum Kakao Tackles Mobile Publishing in China

Daum Kakao, the largest messenger app operator of South Korea, said it will start its publishing platform for mobile devices in China.


LinkedIn Doubles User Base in China Amid Social Media Censorship

LinkedIn has increased its user base in China from four million to eight million.


Government Censorship Curbs Social Media Use in China

China had been tightening its censorship and the Great Firewall had started getting talle

Gift Giving

What's the Gift Most People Want to Receive?

Social media plays a vital role in the gift-giving process.

Facebook is now featuring 360-degree virtual reality-style videos in its newsfeed using Oculus VR.

71% of Employees Check Their Social Media Accounts at Work

Some U.S. states and companies are starting to make a move to limit this activity.

Jun Ji-hyun

More Korean Films Coming to China Soon

Korean movies will be treated as local films and will no longer be limited by China's quota on imports.

Math is hard

Memorization Won't Make Learning Math Fun

Students should be working on using number sense.


Scientists Disagree with Public on Widely Debated Issues

It's results show a dichotomy of views that leave scientists bewildered.

A new malware named YiSpecter is attacking Chinese iOS users and strengthens the security reputation of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apple and Samsung Top Global Smartphone Market

Each company grabbed 19.6% of the worldwide market.

eSight Eyewear

Blind Woman Sees Newborn Son using Special Eyeglasses

Stargardt disease is a form of macular degeneration.

S. Korea Launches Chinese Tourism Year, Deepens Cultural Ties

For South Korea, 2015 will be the "Year of Visit to China" and 2016 will be the "Year of Visit to South Korea" in China.

Teens drinking alcohol

Alcohol Ads Encourage Teenagers to Drink

A new study claims that alcohol advertisements cause youth to try out alcohol, which leads to underage drinking and binge-drinking.


Many Americans are Taking Aspirin Unnecessarily

While aspirin is useful in preventing strokes by preventing blood clots, it may also cause dangerous bleeding.


Alibaba, Microsoft Team-up against Software Piracy in China

Counterfeit products infringe Microsoft's intellectual property rights.

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