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Foxconn to Replicate in India

Foxconn to Replicate Apple Manufacturing in India

Foxconn is set to open its first Apple manufacturing store in India, which is likely to be announced on the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017 scheduled to take place in Gandhinagar between Jan. 10 and 13, according to Money Control.

Remembering Robert Jermain Thomas,  North Korea's Christian Martyr

Remembering Robert Jermain Thomas, North Korea's Christian Martyr

While Christians all over the world just celebrated Christmas, North Korea may apparently be secretly honoring the season as 2016 marked the anniversary of a great Christian martrydom on the banks of the Taedong River in Pyongyang.

Probes in IVF Mix-up Case

Dutch IVF Center Probes Possible Sperm Mix-Up Case

A Dutch in vitro fertilization (IVF) center is launching an investigation after it found that at least 26 women may have been fertilized by the wrong sperm.

Russia marked a day of mourning on Monday

Russia Plane Crash: Non-Stop Search Operation and First Black Box Found

A non-stop search operation is ongoing for Russian military plane with 92 people on board that crashed in the Black Sea and on Wednesday the flight data recorder which is the first "black box" of Tu-154 has been found, Russian officials say.

Tesla and Panasonic Partnership

Tesla, Panasonic Team Up to Produce Solar Panel Cells

Tesla Motors and Panasonic announced Tuesday their partnership to manufacture the first photovoltaic (PV) cells and other solar modules next year at Tesla's factory in Buffalo, New York.

China Box Office

‘See You Tomorrow’, ‘Railroad Tigers’, ‘The Great Wall’ Top China Box Office over Christmas Weekend

'See You Tomorrow', 'Railroad Tigers', and 'Great Wall' tops the Christmas weekend edition of the China's box office.

China successfully test the EMDrive in space.

China Claims Impossible Fuel-Free EmDrive Breakthrough

China claimed that it successfully tested electromagnetic drives (EmDrives) technology on its laboratories and a proof-of-concept is currently undergoing zero-g testing in orbit, Dr. Chen Yue, director of Commercial Satellite Technology for the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), announced on Dec. 10.

Deutsche Bank to Settle $7.2 Billion with U.S

Deutsche Bank to Settle $7.2B Fine with US Regulators

Germany's Deutsche Bank on Friday has agreed to pay $7.2 billion over an investigation of sale and pooling of toxic mortgage securities that played a significant role in the 2008 financial crisis.

China’s First Supply Train Deal In Europe Member

China's CRRC to Suppy Trains to Czech's Leo Express

A subsidiary of China's top train maker, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd., signed a deal on Monday to supply three electric multiple units (EMUs) trains to Czech rail operator Leo Express, the first of such deal with an EU member.

China Machado Dies at 86, One of the Most Unique Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon China Machado Dies at 86

Fashion icon Noelie Dasouza Machado or popularly known as China Machado died in a cardiac arrest on Sunday (Dec. 18) in Brookhave, New York, at the age of 86. She is survived by her husband Riccardo Rosa and two daughters.

Apple’s 2017 Flagship Model is iPhone 8

Apple to Mark 2017 with Flagship of iPhone 8

Apple will mark iPhone's 10th year anniversary with its standalone iPhone 8 flagship model to be released in 2017.

Christine Lagarde Convicted of Payout, Acquitted of Jail Punishment

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Convicted of Payout; No Jail Punishment Handed

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde is convicted of payout to businessman on Monday by French Court yet acquitted for any jail punishment.

MyShake App Thrilled Users with New Version

MyShake App Thrilled Users with New Version

A new version of the earthquake-detecting app called MyShake released on Dec. 14 has thrilled many users. The update was announced by Professor Richard Allen from the University of California and one of the researchers behind the app at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Matt Damon's 'The Great Wall'

Matt Damon's 'The Great Wall' Hits China; Hollywood Watches Collaboration Result

The Great Wall is set to open in China on Friday, and the world is eager to see the result of the unprecedented collaboration.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Egypt Cathedral Bombing

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Egypt Cathedral Suicide Bombing

Islamic State militant group (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing attack that killed at least 25 people at Cairo's main Coptic Christian Cathedral this weekend.

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