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Theena Ocay

Selena Gomez delivers her powerful yet emotional speech that moves Lady Gaga During AMA 2016.

Lady Gaga was Moved by Selena Gomez' Emotional Speech on American Music Awards 2016

Selena Gomez delivers a powerful yet emotional speech at American Music Awards 2016 as she wins as favorite female artist for rock and pop. Selena's message is so powerful that it moves Lady Gaga.

Apple Offers Free Battery Replacement to All Customers Globally

Apple Offers Free iPhone 6s Battery Replacement with Shutdown Issues

Apple Inc. is offering a free battery replacement to all its customers globally affected by unexpected shutdowns through a program on its website called "iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issue."

Scientists deeply look what is inside the wandering heart of the planet Pluto

Scientists Deeply Look What is Inside the Wandering Heart of the Planet Pluto and See How Cold It is

Scientists deeply look what is inside the wandering heart of the planet Pluto and found out more evidence that help them to conclude that the planet could be hiding an ocean of water beneath its icy surface.

Heartburn medication proton pump inhibitors

Researchers Question the Cardiovascular Safety of Popular Heartburn Medication Linked to High Risk for Ischemic Stroke

One of the most popularly prescribed heartburn medications in the US has been linked to an increased risk of ischemic stroke, according to the preliminary research presented at the American Heart Association Conference in New Orleans on Tuesday.

Savitar is the new villain in The Flash

The Flash: Who is Savitar in Season 3 Episode 6?

Season 3 of episode 6 of The Flash, entitled Shade, finally introduced to us the new villain Savitar, who is also known as the "god of speed."

A new study suggested that marijuana use can weaken heart muscles, leading to a condition called stress cardiomyopathy.

Marijuana (Cannabis) Use Weakens Heart Muscle, New Study Suggests

Despite the legalization of marijuana (cannabis) in some American states, a new study released on Sunday suggested that marijuana weakens the heart muscle that reduces the ability of the heart to pump, leading to chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and fainting.

Earth magnetic Field

China Sets a World Breaking Record in Magnetic Field as It Created 10 Tesla Superconductive Magnet

China has made great achievements in magnetic fields as the group of Chinese researchers from Chinese Academy of Science created the world's superconductive magnet that can top 10 Tesla which is about 200,000 times the earth's magnetic field and with an inner space of 92cm in diameter.

Epic Extra-Supermoon

How to View the Extra-Supermoon This November 2016?

Tonight is the best time to get outside and participate to the entire world to witness this epic supermoon as the full moon of Nov. 14 will be an extra-supermoon for two hours of perigee or being closest to the earth.

 Brazilian free-tailed bat is the new fastest flying animal in the world.

Fastest Flying Animal is NOT a Bird but a BAT known as Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat

It is common knowledge that the bird is the fastest flying animal on Earth yet a new study reveals that the Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat is a better flyer.

China successfully hit another space exploration milestone after it recently launched its Long March-5 rocket.

China's Long March-5 Rocket is Powerfully Capable for Taikonaut Lunar Mission

The remarkable launching of Long March-5 rocket last week proves China's capability to design a large rocket around its new YF-100 engines and was was noted to have the capacity to start marching the Taikonaut lunar mission.

Elephant Poaching in Africa

Carbon Dating Proves Elephant Poaching Contributes 90 Percent of Illegal Ivory Traded in Africa

The sharp decline in the population of elephants in Africa and the increasing illegal trade in elephant ivory has been a source of concern for environmental protection groups. A carbon dating analysis has revealed that poaching contributes up to 90 percent of the illegal trade of ivory on the continent.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Discusses New James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope: NASA’s New Hubble Space Telescope is the Giant Leap in Exploring the Universe

For two decades of innovative construction and after several setbacks, James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is finally complete and being prepared to launch in 2018.

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