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China Mobile Improves 5G Network, Doubles Sub By Millions

China Mobile significantly improved its user base, adding next-generation subs after it announced flat earnings for the first quarter of the year. Handset sales and ARPU of the company continue to drop because of the pandemic to the Chinese economy.

China Mobile has 851.2 million subscribers as of Jan. 31 of this year.

China Mobile Partners with ZTE and Qualcomm to Start 5G NR Testing

China Mobile has annpunced its plan of conducting interoperability testing as well as over-the-air field trials based on the 5G New Radio (NR) specs.

ZTE claims that Gigabit Smartphone will feature 360-degree VR, 4K video, and instant cloud storage possible on the move.

ZTE to Unveil First 5G-Ready Gigabit Smartphone at MWC 2017

ZTE is posing a lead in the future by tryingnew and exciting technologies, launching the first gigabit LTE smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

The AT&T logo is seen on the side of a service van in Des Plaines, Illinois.

AT&T Starts 5G Technology Tests in Austin, Texas

In a race towards 5G network adoption, reports claim that AT&T have started testing the next generation data transfer technology. In a statement posted on the company’s official blog post, AT&T said that it will start testing 5G technologies in the real world through its partnership with Ericsson and Intel. The company added that the tests will take place in one of the company’s offices in Austin, Texas.

Cellular Tower

Telstra to Launch Gigabit LTE Service in Australia this Year

Tech giants Qualcomm, Netgear, Ericsson, and Australian network provider Telstra are working on a new wireless technology that can theoretically support speed of up to 1Gbps. The technology is simply called Gigabit LTE and the companies involved in developing it are hoping to roll it out before the end of the year.

China will start conducting 5G network equipment trials in over 100 cities.

China to Begin 5G Network Equipment Trials in Over 100 Cities: Report

China has started conducting trials for 5G telecommunications equipment in more than 100 cities, as it targets to get a head start to lead the next generation of mobile phone systems.

China Internet

China to Begin Test on 5G Network in 2017 Ahead of Launch in 2020

China's three biggest state-run telecommunications company are preparing their respective infrastructure with the objective of testing 5G technology. China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom are all working on their networks to prepare it for a possible national 5G network launch by 2020.

Huawei incorporated chipsets into commercial devices to support DB-HSDPA technology since the second half of 2015.

Huawei Joins Vodafone Spain to Launch Dual-Band Network Technology

Huawei and Vodafone Spain have joined hands to launch the first commercial application of dual-band High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (DB-HSDPA) technology in the country.

 Unicom booth at China International Exhibition Center

Chinese 5G Technology Likely to Play Major Role in Eeropean Telecom Sector

As China and the European Union (EU) moves in the same direction to bring cutting-edge 5G technology to the masses, there have been efforts to promote co-operation between both parties to work together to derive maximum benefit.

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES

Verizon, Qualcomm Look at China for Global 5G Standards: Report

While tech giants Verizon Communications and chipmaker Qualcomm have been pushing to introduce 5G wireless technology as early as next year, they are looking at China for global-standard processes, a Bernstein Research report revealed. According to the research, China plays a significant role in 5G standards. Unlike AT&T and Verizon, the country has concentrated less on residential broadband. Chinese smartphone maker Huawei plans to become an exporter of 5G technology. "China has a strong vested interest in insuring a significant amount of Chinese technology is embedded in the 5G standard - finally freeing them of their dependency on foreign technology and the need to pay royalties," the Bernstein Report revealed. "Their vision of 5G is the most revolutionary; China Mobile's chief scientists of wireless technology is calling to 'rethink the fundamentals' of mobile technology." On Monday, Verizon claimed its 5G radio specifications have been finalized and its plans to kick off 5G commercially next year, although plans are still vague. Qualcomm, on the other hand, has started introducing 5G technology to a slate of applications. 5G is known not only going to increase wireless speeds but also boost the Internet of Things, where applications require always-on, low-data-rate connections. "5G standardization will happen in a more concentrated industry than 3G or 4G," the research said, adding that the main network contributors would be Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei, while Qualcomm will continue to become the chip leader. Furthermore, there will be a restricted list of leaders, namely, China Mobile, Japan's NTT DoCoMo, AT&T, and Verizon as well as Vodafone and Deutsche Telecom.

PlayStation VR

5G Mobile Technology Will Jump-Start Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Revolution

Two Chinese tech giants, Huawei Technologies, and ZTE, are predicting that the virtual reality and augmented reality platform will see a meteoric rise in demand once the 5G mobile network infrastructure is widely deployed by 2020.


AT&T, Verizon Lead 5G Implementation

The wireless network market is crowded with companies vying to take the most piece of the action. In order to do so, these companies need to introduce something new to attract the attention of consumers. AT&T recently announced that it is planning to test 5G network this year. The company said that it is planning to launch a field test of its 5G network in Austin, Texas before the end of the year.

Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri

Nokia CEO Says Alcatel Profit Will Increase its 5G Firepower

Nokia's takeover of rival network gear maker Alcatel-Lucent will give it a greater scope to invest in new and advanced technologies like 5G mobile equipment while cutting costs, its chief executive said on Wednesday.

MWC 2014

Nokia to Demonstrate 5G Technologies for the IoT at MWC 2015

Nokia plans to demonstrate 5G radio equipment on new millimeter (mm) and centimeter (cm) wave bands.


Nokia Unveils New Radio Cloud Network Architecture

The new features will help operators to distribute processing capability from any location in the network to where it is required.

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