Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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china economy slowdown

China Posts Worst Export Decline.

China Records Worst Annual Export Slump Since 2009

China's export market took a huge hit for second year in a row as the country's export figures showed its worst performance since 2009's recession peak period. The persistently weak global demand apparently took toll on Chinese exporters for second year in running.


China's Alcohol Consumption Down in 2015

A recent report shows that alcohol consumption dropped by 3.5% in China last year, a drop that could be related to decreasing economic growth in China.


European Steelworkers Blame China for Steel Crisis, Slam Weak EU Action

The European Union (EU) last Saturday slapped anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese steel imports in an attempt to save thousands of jobs across the continent, but the leaders of the continent's steel industry claim the measures are an insult to European manufacturers.


China Economy Falters But Its Future Remains Bright

China's economic growth may be slowing down but PIMCO remain bullish, citing several indicators.

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