Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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China food safety

China Food Law

Chinese Judiciary Wants Stiffer Punishment for People Who Sell Unsafe Food

China's Supreme Court issued a written announcement on Wednesday stating that it will impose stiffer punishment for anyone who manufacture and sell food products that are unfit for human consumption starting October 1 of this year. The stern warning is meant to discourage erring businessmen from sacrificing their customers' health for profit.

China Food Safety

Premier Li Calls for Strict Implementation of New Food Safety Law

Prime Minister Li Keqiang has revealed that there would be "zero tolerance" for companies and individuals found guilty of violating the country's new food safety law, which will come into effect on Oct 1.


Xinhua: Wal-Mart Store in China Under Investigation Over Food Safety

Chinese regulators are looking into alleged food safety violations at the store in Honghu, Shenzhen.

Chinese and U.S. universities to create food safety center

Chinese and American Universities Agree to Start Joint Food Safety Center

UC-Davis and Chinese university agreed to start joint food safety center dealing with dairy safety and food traceability.

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