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China Taiwan Presidential Elections 2016

Tsai Ing-wen On Track To Win Taiwanese Presidential Election

Fewer Taiwanese in China Will go Home to Vote as DPP's Tsai Ing-Wen Advances Independence Agenda

Some Taiwanese expatriates across the world - including those in China - have have decided to pass up the chance to travel back to their native land to participate in the Jan. 16 presidental elections. Less than 10 percent of nearly one million Taiwanese nationals abroad are expected to go home to heed the call of civic duty.

Taiwan Presidential Elections 2016

Taiwan's Next President Must Maintain Cross-Strait Relationship Status Quo: Official

The spokesman for China's State Council Taiwan Affairs Office said on Wednesday that the next president of the island nation has to maintain the status quo in cross-strait relations.

Taiwan Presidential Elections 2016

Beijing Vows no Interference in Taiwan's 2016 Presidential Elections

As Taiwan prepares for the 2016 presidential elections, a top Chinese official has assured people of the island that Beijing would not interfere in the process.

Taiwan Students Protest Education Curriculum Change

Hundreds of Students Break into Taiwan's Ministry of Education to Protest Pro-China Textbook Revisions

Hundreds of students on Friday sieged Taiwan's Ministry of Education building in Taipei to express their grievance over proposed changes to the country's high school curricula. The protesters claim the curriculum modification is aimed at promoting the interests of Beijing.

Taiwan Presidential Palace Attack

Taiwan President Ma Expresses Displeasure Over China Military's Staged Assault on Replica of Taiwan's Presidential Palace

The President of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou has voiced his displeasure over a video showing the People's Liberation Army (PLA) attacking a replica of Taiwan's Presidential Palace.

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