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Not healthy

Eating Late at Night can Cause Weight Gain and Other Health Problems

"Eating later can promote a negative profile of weight, energy, and hormone markers."

New Vaccine for High Cholesterol More Effective Than Statins

New Vaccine for High Cholesterol More Effective Than Statins - Study

A team of researchers of the University of New Mexico and the National Institutes of Health was able to develop a new vaccine which is a cholesterol-lowering agent.

Cholesterol food

Cholesterol isn't that Bad After All, New Dietary Guidelines Reveal

. The human body also produces more cholesterol than it takes in through diet.

'Think Positive' Keeps The Heart Healthy

Looking on the bright side of life is no longer just another piece of advice.

Adult Caenorhabditis elegans

'Fingerprinting' Cell Metabolism to Help Obesity, Diabetes Studies

Professor Ji-Xin Cheng, from the Wledon School of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Chemistry at the Purdue University, and his colleagues have used new imaging technologies to track the lipid metabolism of cells to find exactly where the body's cholesterol is stored, potentially aiding research in diabetes, obesity and longevity.

Statins Receive OK From Top Doctors

Twenty five years of research has proven that cholesterol-lowering statin pills pose no risk to health, according to top doctors.

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