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Canada to Boost Military Spending by 73% in the Face of US Unreliability

The new funding will see Canada's military spending rise from about 1.2% of the GDP to about 1.4%.

First of many

China should Boost Defense Spending on Nuclear Weapons, says State Newspaper

"This kind of arrogant position originates from the military superiority of the United States."

Indian Soldiers Practice Ahead Of Republic Day

India is World's Fourth Biggest Defense Spender: IHS Markit

India is one of the top five defense spenders in the world with a total expenditure of $50.6 billion in 2016, up from $46.6 billion in 2015. It now has the fourth biggest defense budget next to Saudi Arabia and Russia, based on the 2016 Jane's Defence Budgets report, released by IHS Markit research firm on Dec. 12.

Tech for war

China's Rising Military Strength Drives up Defense Spending in Asia and US: Experts

Fears over China's growing military strength -- along with the country's creeping seizure of contested territories in the South China Sea -- is driving an increase in military spending in Asia and the United States.

Bobby Jindal

Potential Presidential Candidate Jindal Slams Obama’s ‘Harmful’ Foreign Policy

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election, slammed President Barack Obama's "harmful" foreign policy, pushing the U.S. to increase its defense spending.

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