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The Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant is seen in the early morning hours March 28, 2011 in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

China to Triple Nuclear Power Capacity by 2026

China wants to build more nuclear reactors over the next few years to triple the amount of nuclear power it generates by 2026, state-owned China Daily reported.

Solar Power Industry In Spain

China, US Lead Solar Power Growth Globally in 2016

The amount of solar power added worldwide jumped to 50 percent in 2016, thanks to China and US increasing demand.

China plans to build its very first floating nuclear power plant

China to Build Floating Nuclear Power Plant by 2020

China is reportedly building the country's first floating nuclear plant, which would be able to go to different sites and anchor offshore to generate power. It is targeting to complete construction by 2020.


Beijing, Zhangjiakou To Contain Air Pollution Through Wind Power

Beijing is setting its eye on resolving its problem with air pollution. On Monday, it was revealed that the China’s capital city is working hand in hand with Zhangjiakou in an attempt to contain this predicament.

Noble buys Rosetta for $2.1 Billion making their entry in Texas Basin

Energy Inc. the leading independent energy company has agreed to buy the rival Rosetta Resources Inc. for $ 2.1 Billion, making their entry into Eagle Ford and Permian Basin in West Texas.

China's (CNOOC) Oil Rig in the South China Sea

South China Sea Gas Field Boasts 100 Cubic Meter Yield

China's recently discovered gas field in the disputed South China Sea could yield up to 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas, the state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) said on Saturday.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang

China-Kazakhstan Pact Amount To US$14B

China and Kazakhstan has signed pacts and deals over the weekend that amounted to US$14 billion that included cooperation agreements regarding nuclear matters, utilization of both countries' mineral resources and using the national currencies whenever there are commercial transactions.


China, Myanmar Sign Deals Worth $7.8 Billion

In a move to cooperate better with its neighbors, China has announced $7.8 billion in deals with Myanmar, covering energy, agriculture, telecommunications, infrastructure and finance.

China-Vietnam Territorial Dispute

Beijing’s Interests In South China Sea Are Beyond Territorial -- Report

China’s territorial disputes with its maritime neighbors over the South China Sea is not at all just about regional supremacy, but about oil and natural gas reserves as well, claims a story published by The New York Times Tuesday.

This U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology map shows the time zones in the United States and Canada.

Daylight Saving Time Begins This Weekend In Most Of U.S., Canada and Cuba

Most of the United States will be setting clocks back an hour this weekend as Sunday marks the end of Daylight Saving Time. Only Arizona, Hawaii and parts of Indiana don't observe the bi-annual time change.

Diamond-shaped lasing material

Reducing Power Emitted by Lasers may Increase its Output

This discovery could potentially create more energy-efficient and sensitive lasers.


Explosion Tears Through Iranian Nuclear Testing Facility

A massive explosion rocked an Iranian munitions complex linked to the country's highly controversial nuclear program.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India's Energy Crisis Worsens; Turns to Nuclear Energy

Modi has made nuclear energy a priority as he tries to achieve his pledge to energize India's flagging economy.

Improved battery

Improved Batteries to Make Renewable Energy More Competitive

Lowering the operating temperature of the power cell will extend the working life and design of the battery.

A polymer solar cell

Team Improves Efficiency of Solar Cells with New Polymer

PID2 improved the efficiency of electrical power generation by 15 percent.

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