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high blood pressure

PMS and Hypertension

PMS Causes Hypertension? New Study Links PMS to Hypertension

Do you experience moderate or severe PMS symptoms? Study shows that serious PMS symptoms can be linked to future risk of hypertension.

Novel Imaging Techniques Illustrates Effects Of Hypertension On Brain

Novel Imaging Techniques Illustrates Effects Of Hypertension On Brain

A recent study conducted using novel imaging techniques explicates factors such as hypertension may induce early brain damage by weakening nerve tracts that connect various parts of the brain.

Eat out

Frequent Dining Out Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure

Eating a single extra meal out every week raised the risks of pre-hypertension by at least six percent.

House chores

Difficulty in Daily Tasks is a Warning Sign for Heart Failure Patients

The study also showed that older women, unmarried people and those who suffer from obesity, diabetes, or from anemia had increased difficulty with daily activities and mobility than those who did not.

'Think Positive' Keeps The Heart Healthy

Looking on the bright side of life is no longer just another piece of advice.

Kim Jong Un

North Korean Senior Official: 'Kim Jong Un Is Not Sick'

A senior North Korean official said leader Kim Jong Un is not sick during a rare visit to South Korea on Saturday.

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