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India and China

India Plays Tibet Card.

India Plays Tibetan Card to Assuage Angry China

India on Friday clarified that there is no change in its stance on the vexed Tibetan issue, asserting that it considers the Himalayan region to be an integral part of the Republic of China. The clarification comes barely weeks after the Dalai Lama concluded his first visit to the disputed region of Arunachal Pradesh since 2009.

Dalai Lama Demands Autonomy for Tibet.

Dalai Lama Offers Olive Branch to China: Want Autonomy, not Independence for Tibet

The Dalai Lama, who is currently on a visit to disputed region of Arunachal Pradesh, on Thursday tried to appease China by claiming that he merely wants autonomy for the Tibetan region and not complete independence.

Dalai Lama Arrives in Arunachal Pradesh.

India Challenges China as Dalai Lama Arrives in Arunachal Pradesh

The Dalai Lama arrived in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh on Wednesday morning, marking the beginning of the controversial spiritual leader's nine-day visit to the disputed region, which has left China completely miffed.

India’s Oppo Employees hold Violent Protest.

India’s Oppo Employees hold Public Protest after Chinese Employees Allegedly insults Indian Flag

The Indian regional office of Chinese smartphone manufacturers Oppo witnessed a massive protest by its workers on Tuesday, after one of its Chinese employees allegedly disrespected the Indian national flag.

Chinese Media Slams India over OBOR Project.

See China Rise with OBOR Project or be Left out: Chinese Media Warns India

China's media slammed the Indian media for taking critical note of United Nation Security Council's open support to China's OBOR's (One Belt, One Road) project. It warned that New Delhi will have to contend itself by watching China's international reputation grow further if it chooses to stay out of the flagship project.

Chinese Media Urges India over CPEC Participation.

Chinese Media Urges India: Stop Being Unreasonable Over CPEC Participation

China's influential state owned tabloid has once again called on India to overcome all the hesitations regarding its participation in the$ 46 billion China - Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh.

China Warns India Over Dalai Lama’s Visit to Arunachal Pradesh; New Delhi Stands Firm

China has upped the antic against India for allowing the controversial spiritual leader the Dalai Lama to visit the disputed state of Arunachal Pradesh next month.

India's Resurgence in Manufacturing Sector.

Don’t Underestimate India’s Manufacturing Sector: State Media Warns China

China's popular state-owned tabloid The Global Times has warned the Chinese government against reposing over-confidence in its tradition manufacturing sector in the wake of increasing competition from India.

India – China Strategic Dialogue.

NSG and Masood Azhar Issues set to Dominate India - China Strategic Dialogue

India and China are slated to start the India - China Strategic Dialogue on Feb 22. The contagious issues of Masood Azhar and NSG are expected to dominate the proceedings.

Indian Vice President  Shrugs Off Competition with China.

India is not Competing with China to win over Foreign Allies: Indian Vice President

India is not in competition with China in pursuing cooperation with foreign nations, Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari told Indian reporters on enroute to five day tour to African countries Rwanda and Uganda.

China Warns India over Ties with Taiwan.

India ‘Playing with Fire’ by Playing Taiwan Card: Chinese Media

Chinese state media on Wednesday warned India against any move to improve its relationship with Taiwan, stating that such a proactive move would be akin to "playing with fire." The warning comes barely days after Taiwan's women parliamentarian delegation arrived in New Delhi for a rare visit.

India Blasts Rating Agencies over China.

India Hits out at Rating Agencies for Favourably Rating Chinese Economy

India is miffed with global rating agencies for its so-called unfair methods that are apparently keeping its ratings below despite its improving economic fundamentals.

Chinese State TV Warns India.

Chinese State TV Tweets Its Troops can Reach New Delhi in 48 hours if War Breaks: Report

A Chinese state television channel claims that its troops can reach New Delhi in 48 hours, if a full-fledged war breaks between the two Asian giants. This is according to current affairs English journal 'International Spectator.'

Rahul Gandhi may Cancel China Visit.

Indian Leader Rahul Gandhi may Cancel His China Visit: Report

India's prominent political leader Rahul Gandhi is most likely going to skip his visit to China next week, according to reports in Indian media. The vice president of India's grand old Congress party returned back to his home country on Tuesday from an 11-day foreign vacation.

India's Agni Missile Tests.

India Violated UN Limits with Agni Long Range Missiles Test: Chinese State Media

China's nationalistic tabloid called on India to cool its missile fever, after New Delhi again tested fired a nuclear capable missile on Monday. The Agni IV testing on New Year's Eve comes on the back of successfully testing of Agni V, both of which can easily penetrate and hit China's interior regions.

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