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Indian Army

Better than nothing

Indian Army Begins Process to Replace Excalibur Assault Rifle

The total order might be increased to 500,000 rifles with the addition of rifles for the five Central Armed Police Forces.


China Hastens Military Build-up along Indian Border; Deploys ‘Xinqingtan’ Light Tank

The 105 mm gun and these smaller caliber weapons have been adjusted so they can fire at a high angle, making them ready for mountain operations.


Which War Can India Win? A Two-Front or a Two-and-a-Half Front War?

Gen. Rawat expressed his satisfaction at the Indian government's support for modernizing the Indian Army with new weapons and equipment.


Successful Test Launch for India’s Prithvi-II Nuclear Missile

SFC has control over India's only two nuclear capable ballistic missile types: Agni and Prithvi.

Two more

Indian Army Reports Deaths of 68 Soldiers in Terror Attacks in 2016

He revealed that 2015 and 2016 also saw a rise in the number of deaths among army personnel.

China is the enemy

Indian Armed Forces’ Largest Combat Drill has China as the Enemy for the First Time

TROPEX 2017 is the largest ever TROPEX exercise, the first of which was held in 2006.


India to Outfit T-90MS Tanks with Home Grown Active Protection System

The latest batch of T-90MS MBTs ordered from Russia won't have Russia's Shtora APS.

Jawan weapon

India to Acquire 2 Million Modern Assault Rifles and Other Small Arms; Kalashnikov in the Hunt

Most of these small arms are expected to be bought from Indian companies to support the Make in India campaign.

Better than nothing

Indian Army Adopts ‘Excalibur’ as Interim Assault Rifle Replacing INSAS

The RFI is the latest attempt after a slew of failed attempts over the last decade to acquire a new standard rifle.


India Says it Will Hold a Joint Military Exercise With China This Month

China's People Liberation Army (PLA) is set to take part in a joint military exercise with India's armed forces. The Indian Army on Saturday announced that the armed forces of India and China have agreed to conduct a joint training exercise from November 15 to 17 in western Indian city of Pune in Maharashtra.

Getting worse

Pakistan Warns India against Deadly ‘Strategic Miscalculation’ along LoC

Aziz said Pakistan is alarmed India is now using heavy weapons against Pakistani civilian areas for the first time in 13 years.

Two more

Over 5,600 Indian Army Soldiers Killed by Pakistan Army and its Muslim Militant Allies along LoC since 2001

Darve described the number of Indian Army martyrs as "shocking ..."

Hello, Pakistan

Indian Army will Buy More T-90 Tanks from Russia to Fend-off Pakistan and China

The T-90 is the premier battle tank of the Indian Army.

War in the sky

China, India Meet to Dial-down Border Tensions; Pledge to Build Trust

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is willing to join hands with the Indian Army to maintain exchanges on border defense.

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