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Next Generation 'Captcha' Uses Video Animation Instead of Static Letters

Computer engineers have come up with a new method of telling humans from computers by using video animation.


Russian Government Behind Hackers Spying on the West

It's not the first time Russia has been accused of using malware to spy on businesses or foreign governments.

Internet security

Google Exposes 'Poodle' Vulnerability in Web Encryption Standard

The good news is that not much of the Internet depends on the outdated SSL 3.0.


Dropbox Denies its Servers were Hacked

Hundreds of alleged account details showcasing usernames and passwords in plain text were posted on the Reddit thread.

Internet security

Russian Hackers Exploit Windows Flaw to Hit NATO, Ukraine

Security company iSight announced in a blog post Tuesday that Russian hackers have exploited the CVE-2014-4114 vulnerability in the Windows operating system, allowing cyber criminals to target computers used by the European Union, NATO, Ukraine and the energy and telecommunication sectors.

Snapchat hacked images

Snapchat Nude Photos Leaked Online

Some 13 gigabytes worth of videos and photos from were posted in a discussion thread on 4Chan.

Snapchat hacked images

Snapchat Puts Blame on Third-Party Apps for Leaked Photos

Mobile messaging firm Snapchat blamed third-party software programs for possible lapses in security that might have resulted in the leak of the user's private photos.

Microsoft sign at its Redmond headquarters

Microsoft Create Secure 'Haven' in Cloud

Researchers from Microsoft have developed a new way to securely store applications and data in the cloud by isolating them from the underlying infrastructure and putting them in memory.

Chinese Hackers

China Says US Fabricating Facts on Hacking Cost

After FBI Director James Comey said that Chinese cyber criminals are attacking United States companies and costing the government billions of dollars in damage, the Chinese government said Sunday that Comey's statements were an "unjustified fabrication of facts."

Yahoo headquarters

Yahoo Hit by Shellshock Variant, Claims 'No User Data was at Risk'

The Shellshock vulnerability can potentially be used to obtain private data or gain control of a computer.

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Experts say Apple's Mac Shellshock Patch is Incomplete

Although Apple issued a fix for the Bash bug in the previous week, Tod Beardsley, an engineering manager for security firm Rapid7, said Tuesday that the patch is incomplete, leaving one vulnerability wide open to would-be hackers.

World Wide Web Inventor Pushes For Bill Of Rights For The Use Of Internet

World Wide Web Inventor Warns of Threat to Internet

Berners-Lee called for a bill of rights to safeguard the Internet's independence and guarantee user privacy.

Microsoft sign at its Redmond headquarters

Microsoft Reveals New Information on Government Requests for User Data

Computer giant Microsoft on Friday disclosed substantial data about how governments around the world have requested for users' account information in the first half of the year.

Internet security

Bash Bug Could Leak Data From Connected Devices

The Bash bug lets a hacker's code to be run the moment the shell is invoked.

Over half of Chinese government websites are flawed in their coding, leaving the highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

On The Right Path To Fixing China's Comprisable Government Websites

As different government organizations embrace and adapt the digital days by utilizing online services and advantages, the security of these site are revealing to be subpar - leaving these sites at high risk for certain cyber security breaches and attacks.

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