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Chalcogenide Glasses

Human Brain-Like Computers May Soon Become a Reality

Researchers have demonstrated the potential use of optical fibers to reproduce the neural networks and synapses of the human brain.

lIght as wave and particle

Scientists Obtain First Photograph of Light As Both Particle and Wave

This experiment demonstrates that, for the first time ever, we can film quantum mechanics.

Here's a Portable Desk for People who Stand while Typing

Sitting too long while working is harmful to the body .


New Plastic Melts When Exposed to UV Light

The team used biomass to develop the new plastic.

Data transmission using twisted light beams

Researchers Use Twisted Beams of Light to Transmit Data

Twisting a particular wavelength of light into a shape increases the number of channels that can be used for data communication.

Fiber Optics

Researchers Manipulate Glass to Boost Computer Processing Speed

They claim the new glass material has the ability to significantly boost computer processing speed.

Artist's impression of the plasmoelectric effect

Newly Discovered 'Plasmoelectric Effect' Converts Light into Electricity

Researchers from the California Institute of Technology and the FOM Institute AMOLF have discovered a new method for the production of electrical potentials by using minute metal nanocircuits to effectively capture light and convert it into an electrical potential of 100 millivolts.

Pandora's Cluster - Abell 2744

Hubble Reveals Light of Dead Galaxies

Computer modeling suggests galaxies as large as the Milky Way are the most likely candidates as the origin of the drifting stars.

Graduate student Joseph Choi showing off the Rochester Cloak

'Invisibility Cloak' Bends Light with Lenses

The Rochester Cloak does not interfere with the background, which happens in other cloaking devices.

A polymer solar cell

Team Improves Efficiency of Solar Cells with New Polymer

PID2 improved the efficiency of electrical power generation by 15 percent.

The massive X-class Flare on June 6

Sun Erupts With Powerful Earth-Aimed Solar Flare

The large flare, which was ejected from a region of the sun facing the Earth, affected radio communications in the upper atmosphere.

Dell Venue 8 7000

Intel's RealSense 3D Offers Future of Mobile Cameras

Plenoptic cameras, also called light-field cameras, brings digital photography to its limits.


New Detector Sees More Light than Previously Thought Possible

The light in the terahertz wavelength is capable of passing through substances and materials commonly considered opaque.

NASA's proposed warp drive starship

NASA is Dead Serious About Developing a Faster-Than-Light Warp Drive Starship

Will allow humans to travel to the nearest star in only a few weeks.


The First Moments Of The Universe Recreated by Turning Light Into Matter

Scientists of the Imperial College of London have discovered a way to prove an 80 year-old theory that light can be materialized, thus recreating part of the first moments of the universe.

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