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Gucci sent warning letters to Hong Kong shops for using logos printed on items offered for the dead.

Gucci Cautions Hong Kong Shops to Stop Selling Fake Gucci Paper Items for Funerals

Famous Italian brand Gucci has sent warning letters to Hong Kong shops to stop selling paper items with its logo as offerings for the deceased.

Jack Ma at Guiyang International Big Data Expo 2015

Chinese e-Commerce Site Alibaba Sued By Various Luxury Brand Companies

Luxury brand companies including Gucci has filed a lawsuit against e-commerce site Alibaba

Chinese Elite: Louis Vuitton Luxury Goods Are For Secretaries

China's Elite Think Louis Vuitton Is 'Just For Secretaries'

The Chinese elite have abandoned Louis Vuitton luxury goods for more expensive and exclusive brands saying the brand is for secretaries.

Apple Store in Hangzhou

Apple Beats Hermés, Louis Vuitton as Gifts of Choice in China

Apple has Beijing's crackdown on luxury goods as part of the Chinese government's anti-corruption campaign to thank for its good sales in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Dining Etiquette

The Next Big Thing For China’s Wealthy: Etiquette Classes

From investors visas to properties in London, and of course, Prada outfits and Gucci bags, wealthy Chinese are snapping up a lot of things on the global market as the number of affluent Sinos keeps on growing. However, it is not only branded and luxury goods they are investing into, but also western lifestyle education. This ensures that they would not only look rich, but act like the old rich from the West.

Government Curbs Luxury Spending In China

Government Curbs Luxury Spending In China

Sales of luxury goods in China have taken a dip following the government's push for austerity measures and the changing consumer habits of the Chinese

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