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Loooks great

New Mars Rover Revealed by NASA Looks Great but Won’t Get to Mars

This concept rover, which is some nine meters long, was recently rolled-out at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

To Mars

NASA Chooses 12 New Astronauts; Some will be Bound for Mars

The 12 astronaut candidates will join 44 astronauts already in the NASA Astronaut Corps.

100 years?

Stephen Hawking says Humans Risk Extinction in 100 Years Unless They Colonize Mars or Another Planet

"Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years."

Mars 2020

NASA Picks Three Possible Landing Sites for Mars 2020 Rover

During the workshop, the clear top candidate was Jezero crater. It was followed by Northeast Syrtis.


Trump to Transform NASA into Money-Making Business; will Return Americans to the Moon

Privatizing the U.S.' space efforts is the main aim of the billionaire boys club.

China 2020 Mars Mission.

China Finalizes 8 Names for 2020 Mars Mission

China's maiden Mars mission is set to takeoff in 2020, but this ambitious project is still without an official name. This problem may be solved by April, when China's 2020 Mars mission is likely to get an official name.

Fast tracker

China’s Plan to Land Probe on Mars in first Mars Mission Confirms Role Played by Chinese Spy that Worked for NASA

ASPRS praised Li for his "unique leading position in planetary mapping."

Fried brains

Mars Astronauts Face Real Danger from Cosmic Ray Brain Damage

"This is not positive news for astronauts deployed on a two-to-three-year round trip to Mars."

China has tested an experimental, supersonic, low-density parachute for its ambitious Mars mission in summer 2020.

China Tests Supersonic Parachute for 2020 Mars Mission [VIDEO]

China has tested an experimental, supersonic, low-density parachute, flying it into the upper layer of the Earth's atmosphere in preparation for its ambitious Mars mission in summer 2020, gbtimes reported.

Vernee Mars

New Photos of Vernee Mars Smartphone Surface Online

As the official release date of the Vernee Mars draws closer the company recently released a set of new photos of the device, probably to score more marketing points. Vernee devices are quite well-accepted in the Chinese smartphone market, which is why many are anticipating the release of the new Mars model.

Really big and fsst

Fantastic ‘Solar Express’ will Take People to the Moon in Just Two Hours

Once perfected, Solar Express should be capable of tearing through space at one percent the speed of light.

China's Mars exploration by 2020 is an act of catching up with India, US, Russia and EU to reach the red planet.

China Unveils Mars Exploration Plan by 2020

China has unveiled the designs of its Mars probe that will land on the red planet in 2020, catching up with India, the United States, Russia, and the European Union in the bid to explore the red planet.

China released details of designed probe concept for the Mars Mission in 2020.

China Releases Designed Probe Concept for Mars 2020 Mission

China's space agency has released the first detailed look at three technological components for its unmanned Mars mission, which is aimed to take off in 2020.

Mars bound

China Reveals Orbiter, Lander and Rover for 2020 Mars Mission

The launch of all four missions in 2020 takes advantage of an optimal launch window occuring every two years.

Vernee Mars

Vernee Mars Spotted With Arc Antenna Design

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vernee is reportedly working on a new concept for its upcoming phone's antenna design.

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