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Good for your DNA

Yoga and Meditation Can 'Reverse' DNA Reactions that Cause Stress

People who practice MBIs exhibit the opposite effect - namely, a decrease in production of NF-kB and cytokines

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Tips For Beginners

Want to start practicing Tai Chi? Here are some tips to get you ready.


Mindfulness Meditation Helps the Elderly Sleep Soundly

Sleep disturbances are a medical and public health concern among the aging population.

Yoga Class

Meditation, Yoga and Support Groups Help in Healing Breast Cancer Survivors

These activities protect the telomeres of breast cancer survivors.


Muse Smart Headband Gamifies Meditation

The user is immersed in a session of meditation, which can range from three to 12 minutes.

Keith Mitchell leading a yoga session in the Wanderlust Festival

Ex-Pro Football Player Now Nationally Renowned Yoga Instructor

Since ex-professional linebacker Keith Mitchell of the New Orleans saints has retired from the National Football League (NFL), he has become a nationally known yoga teacher.

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