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Ministry of Public Security

Counterfeit seasoning scandal

China Arrests 7 Suspects over Fake Seasoning Scandal in Tianjin

Police officials in Tianjin Province, China, on Tuesday, arrested and detained seven culprits for their alleged involvement in the chain of over 50 factories that produced fake spices and sauces in Tianjin.

Corrupt officials being escorted to a van by construction workers.

Corrupt Officials who Escaped to be Brought Back in China

The government of China is committed towards bringing back to the country the alleged corrupt officials who already went overseas.

129 telecom Fraudsters have been deported back to China for prosecution

129 Telecom Fraud Culprits to Face Prosecution in China

About 129 Chinese and Taiwanese fraud culprits who were nabbed by Armenia's Ministry of Public Security have been deported to China to face prosecution.

fox hunt

2 Chinese Repatriated from Malaysia and Philippines

The Chinese government's hunt for fugitives who fled overseas scored another success as two suspects were recently repatriated back to the mainland.


Authorities Arrest 270 Members of Underground Banking Ring, Transactions up to 900 Billion Yuan

Chinese authorities arrested more than 270 people involved in illegal money transfers amounting to ¥900 billion ($138 billion).

Smooth Case Filing In China

China Improves Case Filing Procedures for Every Citizen

In a bid to improve work efficiency and make case filing procedures for the public easier, Chinese authorities are set to remove certain unnecessary evaluation criteria for filings cases.


Scores Missing, Heavy Casualties Feared in Shenzhen Landslide

Some 30 buildings and homes collapsed and a natural gas pipeline exploded as a thundering torrent of mud and debris descended on an industrial park in Shenzhen, in southern China, on Sunday, leaving some 59 people missing in its wake.

China, Vietnam To Combat Cross-Border Drug Smuggling

China, Vietnam to Combat Cross-Border Drug Smuggling

China and Vietnam have agreed to fight major drug trafficking along their borders, starting off with the Golden Triangle area that includes Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, the world's major producers of narcotics

China Internet Police

China's Ministry of Public Security to Field an Internet Police Force

A Chinese official from the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced on Tuesday plans to establish an Internet police force that will be responsible for cracking down on netizens engaging in criminal activities.


Police Bust Adult Breastfeeding Sex Ring in China

Police in China have busted the "Wet Nurse Forum," an online fetish forum that provided breastfeeding among adults, as well as prostitution and pornographic movies.

Drug bust

China Arrests 44,000 on Drug Charges in Two Months of Crackdown

Over the past two months police in China have arrested an estimated 44,000 people on drug charges, and confiscated more than 21 tons of narcotics in the country's ongoing war on drugs.

New Cars Exempted From Safety Inspection for the First Six Years

New cars are exempted from annual check ups for the first six years of its use. More vehicle quality inspection centers to be set up within China mainland.

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