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People's Liberation Army Ground Force


China Hastens Military Build-up along Indian Border; Deploys ‘Xinqingtan’ Light Tank

The 105 mm gun and these smaller caliber weapons have been adjusted so they can fire at a high angle, making them ready for mountain operations.

New war

College Students Being Trained to Help China Win Information War against the US

Of the eight new academies merged with other universities and academies, six belong to the PLAGF.


China’s Amphibious Armored Car Might be World’s Fastest in the Water

The developer claims the production version of its amphibious AFV with armor and weapons will attain speeds ranging from 19 km/h to 31 km/h in calm water.

For export

China’s Z-19E Combat Helicopter Developed for Export Makes Maiden Flight

The Z-19E is a derivative of the Harbin Z-19 currently in service with the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and the People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF).


Number of China’s Group Armies Reduced to 13

The downsizing is a crucial step in the process of building a strong and modernized new-type army.


China Forms Integrated Group Armies to Fight its Future Wars

The change in designation is significant because in the past PLAGF Group Armies only included PLAGF units.


Russia Pouring Troops and Armored Fighting Vehicles to its Border with North Korea

The build-up of troops and equipment has apparently been going on for about a week.


PLA Vows to ‘Build an Indestructible Combat Force’ Subservient to Xi

Chinese state-controlled media said all PLA officers and soldiers pledged to obey the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and Xi.


China Continues PLAGF Purge; Re-deploys 84 Army Corps

Xi ordered the newly reshuffled units to adhere to the CPC's absolute leadership.


China Slashes Reserve Force of the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force

He also announced reserve forces for all the armed services will be reoriented towards information warfare.

Mindless obedience

China Stations 150,000 of its Soldiers along Border with North Korea; Prelude to War?

There have also been reports in Chinese state-run media that China and South Korea agreed to take new measures against North Korea.

War trigger

China will Fight Alongside North Korea to Prevent Pro-Western Unified Korea

"China will not allow the existence of a government that is hostile against China on the other side of the Yalu River ..."

Set for Tibet

AC313, China’s Largest Helicopter, Poised to Join Chinese Army for Operations in Tibet

"The helicopter has now met all criteria for airworthiness."


China to Disband Five PLAGF Group Armies with 200,000 Men

The 16th and 47th Group Armies are the power bases of disgraced former CMC vice-chairmen Gen. Xu Caihou and Gen. Guo Boxiong.

Not ready for Taiwan

Xi Adamant about Invading Taiwan by the 2020s but …

In mid-2015, China took the extraordinary step of ordering Chinese shipbuilders to ensure new civilian ships can be operated by the PLAN.

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