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Pluto Map

Pluto’s Frozen Landscape’s Stunning Map: The Most Complete till Date!

On May 2, a new composite map of Pluto was produced. The map showed most detailed and sharpest view of the dwarf planet. It showed chunks of water ice with sharp and angled corners that float amidst solid nitrogen.

Astrophysicists Capture Planets’ Weather Forecast

Astrophysicists have found proof of the weather condition in the nearby planets using the NASA’s Kepler space telescope. The team focuses in creating weather forecast based on the different phase of the planets that are reflected from their source light.

Planetary system near earth

Robotic Telescope Discovers Three New Planets Near Earth

A team of astronomers discovered three new planets in Earth's neighborhood, thanks to a robotic telescope.

Planet with two suns

Star Wars' 'Tatooine' Planets are a Mathematical Possibility, Study Suggests

Earthlike, solid planets such as Tatooine may exist and may even be common.


MIlky Way Supernova Confirms Interstellar Dust Theory

The principal theory explains that the dust appears from supernovae as stars reach the end of their lives.

Kepler Telescope

Eight More Exoplanets Discovered

The scientists named two of the planets Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b, and these two are the most similar toEearth of all the eight new exoplanets.


'Mini Gaseous Neptunes' can be Habitable for Humans

A sun's size and mass will affect the range and size of its habitable zone.


Scientists Plan to Send "Cube Satellite' Swarm to Jupiter

Their project is called SMAll Reconnaissance of Atmospheres project.

New Horizons

New Horizons Probe to Start Early Observation of Pluto’s Moons

The spacecraft has seven instruments to be used for studying the dwarf planet.

Kepler space telescope

NASA's Kepler Discovers Oldest Known Earth-Mass Planets

An ancient metal-poor star harbors five terrestrial-mass planets whose origin dates back to the dawn of the Milky Way.

Mercury up close

Join NASA's Contest to Name the Craters of Mercury

The contest will run from December 15 to January 15, 2015.

Comet collision

Formation of Planets Witnessed by Scientists

Astronomers for the first time have detected a distant young star's dust eruption that might be the result of the collision of large asteroids leading to the formation of a new planet. This might lead to a better understanding of how lanets took shape in our own solar system, scientists said

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