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Russia Plans To Lockdown As COVID-19 Cases Rise

President Vladimir Putin said Russia had "under control" the spread of coronavirus just over a week ago.


Russia Tries to Take Credit for Killing ISIS Caliph al-Baghdadi

The conflicting accounts of who killed al-Baghdadi prove, however, that the man is indeed dead and that the world should rejoice.

Almost war

Putin Says Russia will Risk Nuclear War with NATO to Defend Crimea; almost Went to War in 2014

In Putin's eyes, however, this solitary incident almost ignited a nuclear World War III.


Russia Delays Development of PAK DA Stealth Bomber; will Produce Tu-160 Instead

Of the15 Tu-160M supersonic strategic bombers, 11 are fit for frontline service.

Poor man's weapons

Russia Using Poor Man’s ‘Dumb Bombs’ to Kill Syrian Civilians

Russia routinely uses banned cluster bombs in its indiscriminate bombing campaign.


Canada to Boost Military Spending by 73% in the Face of US Unreliability

The new funding will see Canada's military spending rise from about 1.2% of the GDP to about 1.4%.

Flop in Syria

Russia’s Su-35S Fighter a Big Failure in Ground Attack Missions in Syria

"There will be no AESA," said Kashin.


China and Russia JV Reveal Model of new Passenger Jet to Compete against Boeing and Airbus

CRAIC optimistically hopes to deliver its first plane by 2027.


US Wants More Money to Win a Space War against Russia and China

He said China and Russia have been "quietly watching" and preparing their own ASAT systems.


Chinese, Russian Generals Claim Strong Military Ties becoming Stronger

Both armed forces have also seen deepening ties and higher level cooperation.

Preparing for war

Fearful of 4,600 NATO Soldiers, Russia Promises Military Response

He also noted the U.S. increased defense spending in Europe by 40 percent in its 2018 budget.


US Coast Guard to Build New Missile Ships to Counter Russia

The battle for dominance in the now more accessible Arctic Circle is leading to an "Arctic Arms Race."


Russia Awakens Orbiting Kosmos-2504 Satellite, its Most Advanced Satellite Killer

Kosmos-2504 was orbited on March 31, 2015.

Testing, testing.

Russia’s Sarmat ICBM Hit by New Delays; Deployment Date Uncertain

Russia places great faith in the Sarmat and has gone on a non-stop propaganda binge to convince the world no country on Earth, the U.S. included, has defenses that can shoot down this heavy ICBM in flight.

More coming

Russia Claims Avoiding Strategic Inferiority against NATO

Defense minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu said the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has received a steady trickle of new weapons.

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