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Tsinghua University

Climate leaders

California and China Partner to Combat Climate Change

"California's leading, China's leading," said Gov. Brown after he met with Xi.


Tsinghua University Requires Students to Learn How to Swim

For the prestigious Tsinghua University, dubbed as the Harvard of the East, every students who want to graduate from the university should possess a key skill: swimming.

 A congressional panel is urging the US government to implement a ban on Chinese firms acquiring US companies.

US Panel Wants Ban on Chinese Firms Taking over US Companies

A US congressional panel has urged the government to put a ban on Chinese state owned firms from buying US companies. The panel cited security concerns for such action. The recommendation formed a part of the report released by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Walmart is attempting to gain the trust of its customers by using blockchain technology to track its pork supply in China.

Walmart Collaborates With IBM to Track Food in China

Walmart has announced that it would be using blockchain technology to track the pork supply chain in China. The technology has been used by several consumer technology and financial services companies for the purpose of more efficient record keeping. Walmart is collaborating with IBM for this purpose.

Super silk factories

Silkworms Fed Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes Spin Incredibly Strong ‘Super Silk ‘

The method described in the study provides an easy way to produce high-strength silk fibers on a large scale.


Yuk Ming Dennis Lo and Xue QiKun are First Winners of 'China’s Nobel Prize’

Chinese media refer to the awards as "China's Nobel Prize."

A dirty way to die

Air Pollution from Coal Burning Kills over 360,000 Chinese

Outdoor air pollution was the fifth leading cause of premature death in China in 2013.

Closer ties

Xi, Obama Laud Schwarzman Scholars that will Foster Understanding between China and the US

The "Schwarzman Scholars" is an international scholarship program set-up by American billionaire Stephen Schwarzman.

Models Backstage

Chinese Designer Miao Ran all set to Steal the Show at Milan Men's Fashion Week '16

Miao Ran, a budding Chinese fashion designer is all set to showcase his talent at the Milan Men's Fashion Week SS17 in Milan, Italy. Known for his bold cuts and exotic taste blended into designs that transcend gender norms, the designer's work is expected to garner much applause at the premier fashion event.


Scholars Mistake Poems Written by Robot to be Works of Humans

Robots are becoming creative now, apparently.

With the aim of easing “urban malaise,” Beijing will be transferring some of its functions to its neighboring cities.

Beijing to Relocate Prominent Universities, Medical Facilities to Hebei Province

With the aim of creating balance between Beijing and neighboring cities, several prominent universities in Beijing will be transferred to Hebei province, according to policymakers. This move is meant to ease the pressure on the city's infrastructure and resources and to alleviate "urban malaise" like traffic, shortage of resources and air pollution.

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